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Thank you for using our online Math Game,
here a quick set on instructions that will explain you right away how to play!
First you need to choose the matrix dimension, you got 5 different levels to choose from.
The object of the game is to click (add) on numbers from the matrix in order to reach the number you have above the matrix (Next Total).
If you make a mistake, the recent selections will be rest; if you choose right the numbers you selected will disappear from the matrix.
Teach kids basic math is important for the developing of kids from early age. Math game was designed for kids who make their first steps in math.
Math Game teaches kids in an easy and fun way the principles of adding numbers, with the ability to control the difficulty level. You could adjust the game to the level of the kids.
Math Game is easy to use web app that practice kids with adding exercises, choose the dimension of the matrix you want to work on, and click on the numbers the reach to the number you see above the matrix, if you make a mistake, the matrix will rest! If you solve it right, the numbers that were use will disappear.
Math Game is an amazing FREE app that was design, especially for kids who make their first steps in math, add it now to your chrome browser.

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