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The varieties of math games for kids

Adults need math daily. They need to calculate the bills and budget, pay the vendor, do accounts, and much more. As kids, doing math can be simple and fun. Until and unless their basics are clear, they won’t be able to do anything in the future.

A strong base and help them solve any type of problems. There are varieties of math games that help the kids practically. Just doing the school home work may seem monotonous. It is better to introduce math as a game, rather than a burden!

The different types of games

• Get a jar and a few cotton balls. Keep the jar a little distant from where you are sitting. Ask your kid to throw a specific number of cotton balls. If he achieves to throw the balls, give him a reward. This is a great way to test your kid. See whether he understands the concept of numbers.

• If you are planning to cook a delicious cake for your child, why not involve him? In this way your kid will understand the measurements needed to bake a cake. Tell him how many cups of flour are needed, or how much ml water is needed. A practical way of learning is necessary for every kid.

• In case you want repair something, ask your child to get the things you need. Suppose you need 5 nails, 1 small wood and a wall paint container. He should exactly get the things that you have asked for. Reward him if he does it correctly.

Math can be made a fun subject with practical applications. Do not overburden your kid with too many theory sheets. If he is capable of doing practical things that includes numbers, then he can also do the theory part easily!

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