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It is time to play math cards!

Math can bring nightmares to kids! This is actually the universal truth. Every child has some fear of math. They just donít want math to be a part of their subject and neither have they wanted to learn anything. Why does this happen? Well, the problem is numbers. Learning tables, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division seems like terrifying to every kid. What is the solution? Make it simple and fun!

Your hands on the cards

Playing cards can be real fun. Curiosity with the aim to win the game is natural among kids. It is very easy to make math cards. All you have to do is make twelve or twenty cards. All cards should be paired with the same answers. For example, on one card you wrote 5 + 10 Ė 2= 13, and on the other card you wrote 2 * 10 Ė 7= 13. So, you have to make each pair of cards that have the same answers but different methods. For the next pair of cards you can do the same.

After making all the cards, just put it upside down. Ask the toddler to choose one card. Suppose he chose a card that has 14 as an answer. He has to pick another card that has the same answer. Also, ask him whether the calculations are right or wrong and let him solve it in front of you.

This is a great exercise for the kids. They are learning addition, subtraction, division and much more while playing this game. Donít just give them school home works to complete. Let them play these games to enhance their ability to solve the questions easily.

Start making the cards now and see how the kids built a unique interest of learning math! They would simply love it.

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