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The love for math games

Children often find math to be their enemy. This is because they are unable to solve certain math problems by themselves. It creates a negative impact on them, when they see that they are unable to get the right answers. Teaching math at a very early age can be advantageous. A perfect base can be created if your kid is in continuous practice with the numbers. They would just love math if it is converted into a sort of games.

Kids love games!

No kid likes boring stuffs. Plain texts can bore them instantly and they will not even feel like playing anything. They want something interesting and fun filled. So, why not start their journey with numbers? Teach them the numbers first and let them be well versed with it. Once they get a hang of it, you can start the game of finding the largest numbers. It is of course a part of the academic syllabus and the earlier learnt, the better it is.

Finding the largest numbers can be very interesting and motivating for the children. They can actually spend most of the time playing this game. Get as many dices you want. You can limit it to six dices. Each person will roll one dice. For example if the total numbers shown are- 4, 6, 2 and 5, then the largest possible number can be 6542.

Whoever gets the highest numbers, give one point. This is like a reward to the person who wins each game. Finding the largest numbers is like a challenge to the kids. They will try their best to re-arrange the numbers to get the largest number.

Play this game with your child every day so that he/she doesn’t forgets the rules and the ways to find the largest numbers.

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